The HVAC tech takes way too long

I don’t like people being in my house.

I wish I could say it was a side effect of the COVID pandemic, but I have been like this for years.

I have a social anxiety disorder, I assume, although I have never discussed it with a doctor because I don’t trust doctors. In general I like to be alone, or with a couple of friends, and stay away from strangers and the general public as much as possible. Sometimes people have to come into my home, however, like the pest control man who comes every three months, or the HVAC tech who comes by every six months. The HVAC tech is the worst, and not because he is a bad guy or anything, I just hate how long it takes. When the bug guy comes, he is here for ten minutes and then he is gone. No small talk, nothing like that, just does his job and leaves, but the HVAC tech seems to take half the day. I understand that there are two different air handlers in the house, so it’s a complicated HVAC set-up, but this guy takes four hours for a house call! I don’t want to be rude to the guy, because it’s not like I have ever dealt with an HVAC tech who was fast. HVAC techs must get paid by the hour, because every house call takes forever! I guess it still beats the alternative, which is having my central HVAC system break down on me, which would be a total nightmare for me.


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