Tuning up the HVAC system in the frat house

In college, I was part of the lowest tier fraternity there was.

This frat wasn’t recognized by the Greek Council, nor were we allowed to have a float in the homecoming parade.

We had a small, squalid frat house a mile away from campus, and everyone hated us. They hated us until we threw one of our raging parties, and then everyone loved us for a night. Being a part of this frat meant a lot of drinking and smoking pot, and not a lot of studying or community service. This frat house is where I learned the basics of air conditioning repair, which has served me far better in life than anything I studied in class. I know a whole lot about classical European literature, but people don’t need that very often, whereas they need heating and cooling systems repaired all the time! I am not discounting college, because some of my friends became engineers, doctors, and teachers, but it’s not the answer for everyone. By repairing the small air conditioning units in the frat house I got my first taste of working with my hands and dealing with technology. I began to do more online research into HVAC systems, and before long I was doing all of those tasks around the frat house. After word got out, I tuned up the central HVAC systems at a couple of other frat houses, too. At that point I realized I was wasting time and money going to liberal arts college, and I needed to get HVAC certified and start making some real money.


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