Want to pressure wash my house

I looked into hiring home painters but they were way too much cash.

The outside of our home won’t be that bad to paint, just time consuming.

I need to do window trim and our front porch as well, but sadly our front porch has lots of swindles and nooks that collect dust. I have tons of spider webs, mud wasp nests, insect spots and dirt all over the place. The previous homeowner had the genius method to paint it a light yellow, and from a distance it looks undoubtedly pretty. When you get up close it looks icky. I plan to change the porch to a brown that doesn’t show dirt. I realized that I can’t just paint the outside of our home however. I need to get it cleaned. I looked into renting a pressure washer and it was pricey. I also didn’t want to accidentally break a window or spend all day washing the exterior. Thankfully I found exterior cleaning services online. They can pressure wipe our home for hardly any money. They get it and get the task done. Having a freshly cleaned porch means the paint will stick nicer and it won’t be as gross of a task. I also want to paint right down to the ground. When it rains tons of sand gets on the lower level of our house. I really need that layer of gunk washed right off. It is going to save myself and others a lot of time, effort and paint by hiring out the pressure washing cleaning services. The home will look so much cleaner.


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