We needed to upgrade the HVAC system in our home

My fiance plus I were undoubtedly gleeful when the two of us bought our first home… Both of us were motivated to get started with finding all the homeowner solutions the two of us needed… The first thing the two of us were looking to do was to replace our heating plus A/C system.

The heating plus A/C was about 10 years aged so the two of us knew that it would really be coming to an end soon.

The real estate agent made sure the two of us saw the records for the usual service given on the heating plus A/C equipment, plus that was nice, but the two of us still wanted a replacement. Both of us ended up selling the aged heating plus A/C plus the two of us got a new upgrade through a local company. The expert who came to the home proposed that the two of us go for a new boiler equipment since that’s what was already set up in the house. He said the radiators were all in great shape so they would work nicely with a new boiler unit. He explained the new boiler would be far more energy efficient also, so it was a nice thing the two of us were going for this replacement; for cooling, he said it would be nice to go for a ductless mini split air cooler system. He said the two of us could have several zones throughout the home with no need to have an air duct installed. This sounded attractive, so the two of us decided to go for this upgrade as well; after the two of us took care of our heating plus A/C replacements, the two of us had the plumbing evaluated out plus all our electric wires evaluated… Some of the wiring was aged, so the two of us had all the wiring replaced so the home doesn’t end up catching on fire because of some electric complication.