A cooling specialist for career day at school

A cooling specialist.

  • Yes, my son wanted to be a cooling expert for career day at school.

Every choice had to be accompanied by a costume that resembled what people in each line of work wore. The local HVAC business employees typically wore dark-hued pants and a white shirt with their company logo. Shaurya was very excited about the school project, but I worried that between us, I was the one who was the most knowledgeable when it came to HVAC matters. However, my knowledge was only limited to air conditioning tune-up, and even with that, all I knew was what happened in theory and not practically. It was time to call for heat pump services, during whing the new contractor would give us a brief about his job. I was pleasantly surprised when a lady came because Shaurya thought it was only men who did that type of work. She engaged him in duct sealing. Together they checked if the HVAC duct had any problems. That would affect indoor air quality. Shaurya soaked up the new information like a sponge. I was impressed when Shaurya asked questions about temperature control and how one uses the thermostat to adjust the heating or the cooling of the house. The one part that he did not fully understand was the zone control system. The tech tried to explain the heat pump technology where some had ductwork while others were ductless such as the mini-split air conditioner. After that, she realized that Shaurya’s concentration was drifting, and she stopped her lesson and promised to buy him an iced latte for being such a good student.


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