A time when air conditioning tune-up had to take a back seat

This desperate situation went on for a whole year, and by then, I was surviving on noodles

I never quite understood the meaning of the saying; when it rains, it pours until many years ago. I would put it mildly and say that I found myself in a financial tomato, but in reality, it was a giant-sized squash, however little did I guess it was just the start of our misfortune. Three weeks on the unemployment line had not deterred our hopes of getting another source of income before our savings ran out. A cooling expert from the local Heating plus Air Conditioning company called myself and others to confirm our availability for the air conditioning tune-up. I was only using the money for the bare minimum, so I told them I was away and would call them upon our return; My air quality was going to suffer, however I had little choice. I would have to apply the little air conditioning system care comprehension I had gotten from the last cooling specialist who had come to our home. I had l earned how to check for leaks in the Heating plus Air Conditioning duct, and duct sealing was simple enough for myself and others to perform independently. I had also made plans with the new company to install a zone control system, but that too would have to wait until I found a new job. This desperate situation went on for a whole year, and by then, I was surviving on noodles. At some point, I would switch off the mini-split cooling system to save energy. The heat pump technology is energy efficient, however I did everything to reduce our bills. The temperature control system had also started to give myself and others grief, and I had a feeling that the control equipment had had enough of our neglect! With how things were going, I knew that if I did not do something soon, I would have to buy a new air conditioning unit.


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