Avoid major problems with your pilot light

The furnace in our house is located in the basement of our house, and our washer plus the dryer is also in the basement. I always look at the furnace when I go down to do the laundry, and a few days ago, I observed that the light on the furnace was flickering. It also looked much more orange than usual. I told my partner about it and he got really worried about it. He went down to the basement tight then to take a look at the furnace. Apparently the light I saw is called the pilot light, and it is also an indicator of significant problems with the furnace. He made a call to the emergency repair department at our local heating plus cooling company. I was confused because I didn’t see how a light could actually be an emergency, but I am so glad that he did. He needed to jump into action, that’s for sure. It turns out that the fluctuations in the pilot light indicated that there was excessive carbon monoxide in our furnace! The heating plus cooling professional arrived at our house and he promptly repaired the situation. I was shocked to find out just how dangerous of a situation both of us had on our hands. I’m glad that I noticed the light! It could have been a terrible situation for us, that’s for sure. I sincerely wouldn’t have thought anything of it. It’s really important to pay attention to your furnace so that you can avoid any major problems.

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