Been getting things done around the house

The people I was with and I have been doing a lot of toil around the house lately since the weather has been warmer.

The people I was with and I patched the roof up in certain spots where both of us had some leaks.

Soon, both of us plan on putting a whole new tiled roof on the house after both of us tear off all the shingles… Anyway, both of us managed to take down a sizable tree in the front yard, which was a real hassle. Seriously, both of us kept having to take AC breaks in the house while toiling on taking that behemoth down. It’s a wonderful thing our air conditioner plan works so well. It’s really a ductless mini chop AC and so far it has been saving us a lot on the daily bills and has been keeping us super comfortable. So after the tree was taken down, both of us got a new hoops hoop that both of us had to put together. That really was kind of hard since both of us kept losing crucial pieces in the sod. The people I was with and I even used a metal detector to find a single last piece that both of us were missing and our partner ended up finding it. Now that the hoops hoop is up, both of us played some games and it was a fun time, then but now both of us have the new swing set for the children that both of us have to put up. I learn that this recognizable set can take a whole day to put together, so I’m getting ready for that. I recognize that both of us will have to have the air conditioner plan absolutely cranked up that day because we’re going to be covered in sweat profusely. It’s supposed to be in the 90s the day both of us plan on toiling on the new swing set.

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