Big winter comes with big prep that includes the air conditioning

I’ll for sure be the first one to admit that my wife was just absolutely right. For years, she was after me to get some real air conditioning for the summer. I ignored all that for the longest time because we live so far north that it gets hot maybe 8 weeks a year. And for that time span, I toss in a window air conditioner and we move on. I have one window A/C unit in the living room and one in our bedroom. That took care of the HVAC cooling as far as I was concerned. But the older we became, the more my wife just kept on with the central air conditioning. To sort of shut her up, I decided that we’d take a meeting with an HVAC contractor. The HVAC professional actually came out to the house which was nice. He inspected everything and even commented on how much he liked my gas furnace and the back up wood stove heating set up I have. When he was done with the measuring and inspecting, we got down to the details. I was stunned by how affordable putting in the central air conditioning unit really was. Shoot, it was almost worth that amount of money just to not have to put those dang window units in and out every summer. The first time it got hot last summer, we turned on the air conditioning and it was incredible. Yep, my wife was sure right all along. Having central air conditioning has made our lives all that more sweet.



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