Checking up on the thermostat this summer

It’s time that all of us finally just came to grips with the heat and humidity around here.

When all of us first moved to the south, all of us were stunned by just how absurdly hot it can get during the Summer months.

From June through November, you don’t want to be too far from the air conditioning system. But of course, our partner and I just took that program way too far. Sure, it’s crucial to have Heating & A/C cooling as without it, the Summer would be near impossible to manage. At the same time, it’s also truly crucial to get a handle on the Heating & A/C cooling as well. The two of us spent so much money on air conditioning system over the last couple of summers that it’s truly sort of embarrassing. So this year, all of us decided that we’d get some control over the cost of Heating & A/C cooling. While all of us sealed up the house truly well by replacing weather stripping and sealing all the gaps, there was more to it than a slim house. The two of us put up some solar drapes in the parts of the house where the direct sunshine heating is the worst. That made a immense difference. But truly, it was a combination of acclimating to the heat and thermostat discipline that all of us guess will do the trick. This Springtime, all of us held off on just going right for the Heating & A/C cooling. Instead, all of us waited until it was truly up in the 90’s before all of us kicked it on during the day. Now, all of us just have to stick to our thermostat discipline and grab a fan instead of cranking the Heating & A/C cooling when it gets sizzling during the peak heating hours of the day.


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