Downsizing to a smaller loft with heat pump technology

Our parents were putting up their house, our childhood home, for sale. I could not guess how come our parents were while the rest of us were going through numerous levels of emotions; Our parents, Amelia and Rohan, bought that loft when our elder brother was more than two years old, and that is where the rest of us were born. The more than three of us were on a mission to stop them, and the two of us had not been successful. They wanted to downsize to a smaller house. They had taken all the steps needed to get the loft ready for viewing… Rohan went ahead to contact the HVAC company so that they could send a cooling specialist for the air conditioner tune-up. Our father wanted to ensure that every HVAC duct was in good condition just in case one or many needed duct sealing. I got to the condo later than our other siblings, although I was in time to see the cooling specialist leave. Their aim was now to look for a smaller home. One of the things on their wishlist was a condo that had a mini-chop cooling system using heat pump technology. If that was not hard enough to find, it preferably had to have a zone control mechanism, however they were willing to overlook zoning. Their condo had a digital temperature control system, however they were hoping to find an intelligent temperature control. The people I was with and I all knew that air quality was vital to them, although I found their requirements too ambitious. They were likely to install up-to-date air conditioner equipment to meet all their needs and desires. They eventually found a house, however they had to hire a up-to-date company to install their desired heating and cooling system.
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