Grandpa went on and on about no air conditioning

Growing up in this region, I was introduced to the need for HVAC cooling at a very young age.

I guess that’s really sort of par for the course for anyone living here who is in their late 40’s like me.

We had a heat pump that provided all the central air conditioning we could use in my parent’s house. And my dad was particularly proud to always have the latest when it came to residential HVAC. He’s still like that even though he’s in a condo these days. But sure enough, he has the latest in ductless heat pumps inside that condo. Boy, do those ductless heat pumps ever get the job done when it comes to cooling off that place. We were sitting around in that great HVAC cooling not too long ago laughing about the way my grandpa was. He’d come stay with us when I was little and man, that guy had all the stories. Grandpa was the most entertaining storyteller you could imagine. Even dad would listen even though he knew that half the stuff his old man was going on about was exaggeration at best. But one thing my grandpa wasn’t embellishing on was the fact that he never had residential HVAC until the 70’s. My dad can confirm this for sure. And my grandpa would give us all a really hard time about the air conditioning that we just so took for granted. That man would get up at 3 am in order to get his work done on the farm in the summer. I can’t imagine dealing with this sort of heat and humidity without the latest in HVAC technology.

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