Great sunroom comes with even better air conditioning

Had I known just how great it would be to have a big, enclosed sunroom just off the back of the house, I’d have gotten one much sooner.

The addition of this sunroom just totally changed the dynamic in our home.

We live in a region where the seasons are so equally separated you could set a clock to them. When it seems like there’s been enough HVAC heating, the spring comes. And then the air conditioning is on for almost exactly the same amount of time the HVAC heating is on. But it’s the fall that is the most beautiful to experience. Perhaps it was that fall color and perfect weather that finally inspired me to go ahead with the sunroom. My wife had been suggesting the sunroom for ages. But I just didn’t think that we’d use it. Bless my wife, she did not let it go and just got more into doing the due diligence on the sunroom. Not only would it add so much more room to the house and open it up, it would add value as well. So we shopped around for a few months before finding a great deal that we just couldn’t pass up. The crew put in the sunroom in like a week. It attaches to the back of the house and we ripped out most of one wal to sort of open up the space. But the HVAC equipment in the house just wasn’t big enough to take on the added air volume. The HVAC professionals fixed that if a flash with the ductless heat pump. And that thing provides the best quality heating and air we could have ever asked for.



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