Helping a friend with some residential HVAC

I love my friend Bill.

He’s just the most authentic guy you could ever come across. And on top of that, he is just such a truly kind and compassionate person. Perhaps to the point of getting taken advantage of a bit. There are people out there who see people like Bill coming and take advantage. We met years ago inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office we shared. He was actually one of the first people in our company to work remotely so he didn’t come into that zone controlled HVAC all that often. But when he did, I relished spending time with him. Not only is he so knowledgeable and a complete expert in his field, he’s great at helping people be good at their jobs. Bill really thrives on that part of his work. He desperately wants all of us to be able to do what we do easier, faster and better. Over the years, we got to be friends outside of work and got to be good buddies. Good enough pals that I was the first one from work to be invited out to his cabin. He lives way out on some property way into the woods. He’s still on the grid but just barely. He has a wood stove for heating but no other HVAC. So I helped him this spring with installing a ductless heat pump inside the cabin. And it’s awesome. I was surprised that the two of us could install this ductless heat pump but it was actually rather intuitive really. Now, Bill’s going to have HVAC cooling for the first time ever this summer in his cabin.