I can’t believe that

I called our local HVAC company, and I made an appointment.

I’m an only child, and I make sure that I take care of her plus watch over her new home as she gets older. My dad passed away when I was growing up, so my mom is living on her own now. She’s still able to take care of herself, but I still go over to help her whenever I have time. I observed that her oil furnace appeared to be operating strangely. The fan on the oil furnace seemed to be blowing all the time, but I wasn’t sure what caused the problem. I tested the air filters and that’s when I realized that it had been a very long time since I had cleaned them. The filters were jammed and they also needed to be changed; When I changed the filter, the problem persisted anyway. That[‘s when I knew that there must have been damage that was done to the limit switch. This caused it to malfunction. This can happen as a result of leaving filters jammed with debris for too long. And as much as I care about taking care of my mom’s beach home repairs for her on my own,with debris, I also knew that I needed to call a heating and cooling professional. There is simply no safe way to upgrade a limit switch if you are not a certified HVAC professional. I called our local HVAC company, and I made an appointment. They sent their HVAC serviceman over the very next morning. The HVAC technician was able to upgrade the limit switch. I’m just going to have to do a better task of changing the filters so that there is no other future.


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