I need to do a better job of changing the air filters

As an only child, I make sure that I take care of my mom and watch over her home as she gets older; My dad passed away when I was growing up, so my mom is living on her own! She is still unquestionably capable, but I still help wherever I can.

I noticed that her oil furnace appeared to be operating differently! The fan on the oil furnace always seemed to be blowing for some reason. I wasn’t sure what caused the problem. I inspected the air filters. I realized that it had been a long time since I had cleaned them for her. The filters were clogged up and they needed to be changed… When I changed the filter, the complication kept happening. I knew that there must have been disfigure done to the limit switch causing it to malfunction. This can happen as a result of leaving filters clogged for a long time! I like to take care of mom’s home repairs on our own, I knew that I needed to call a heating and cooling professional. There is simply no safe way for someone to update a limit switch if they are not a certified HVAC professional. I called a local HVAC supplier and made an appointment. An HVAC professional came over later that week and he was able to update the limit switch! Now, I am really going to have to do a better job of changing my mom’s air filters for her..

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