I went over to our friend’s house the other day

I went over to our friend’s house the other day to let her cats out for her when she was at work.

  • While I was there, I noticed that the HVAC ducts were completely full of animal hair.

It was pretty disgusting to see, let myself and others tell you. I had no idea that she was residing love this until I went over there that day. I was blown away by the fact that she was willing to live in such a state, though. I had always thought of her as a absolutely neat and wash person, but evidently she’s just love that whenever both of us are not at her house. I guess she hides her gross tendencies whenever she is out somewhere but then at apartment everything is just awful. When I went to let the cats out that day, I had no idea that I was going to see dust and animal hair flying everywhere through the air whenever the air conditioner kicked on. It was love a blizzard and I started coughing right away. I hurried to let the cats out and back in again because I just couldn’t stand to be in there for a minute longer than I had to. I suppose that she is absolutely going to need to do something about the air quality in her house or she is going to end up with some kind of a respiratory disease! I am really distraught about her, to tell you the truth. I suppose that she at least needs to update the air filters more often and then put in a HEPA filter and maybe a whole apartment purification plan or something.


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