I’m glad that my husband called the HVAC company

Our oil furnace is located in the basement at our house.

Our washer plus our dryer is also in the basement, and so I usually see the oil furnace when I go down to do the laundry.

A few weeks ago, I looked over and noticed that the light on the oil furnace was flickering. It looked much more yellow than usual… I mentioned this to my husband Jake and he freaked out! He immediately went down to the basement plus looked at the oil furnace. Apparently the light I saw is called the pilot light, plus it can be an indicator of significant complications with the oil furnace; My husband immediately called in an emergency service to our local heating and cooling company. I didn’t understand why at first because I didn’t see how a light could be an emergency, but I am so happy that my husband jumped into action. It turns out that the changes in the pilot light indicated that there was excessive carbon monoxide in our oil furnace! But since Jake called the heating and cooling serviceman, he arrived promptly plus was able to fix the situation. I was shocked to think of just how dangerous of a situation Jake and I were actually in! I am so ecstatic that I took note of the light on the furnace. I wouldn’t have known that anything was wrong. It’s pretty important to pay attention to your oil furnace so that you can avoid any major complications.