It has been difficult taking the tree down in our front yard

For a little while, we have been trying to take down this huge tree in our front yard.

The tree must’ve been 60 feet high when we first started on it.

The branches reached high into the sky and we were worried that the tree might collapse onto our house since some critters were burrowing inside the base of the tree, making it hollow. Since the tree had a natural lean towards our house, I thought it would be too risky to try to cut it at the base and pull it in a certain direction. So I ended up getting a couple of rope saw kits. You basically shoot a line over the branches, pull up the chain saw, and back and forth until the branches fall. Well, this is harder than it seems to do since there is a lot of work in the sawing back and forth action. While I was out there with my wife, we were exhausted and we needed to take regular AC breaks. I swear after each branch we got down, we were happy with our progress, but the air conditioning of the house was calling our names. We also have a water cooler and that ice-cold water was helping us feel refreshed while we were relaxing in the air conditioning for a bit before we got back to work on the tree. We took down all the branches finally, but now we are stuck trying to cut the middle section. It’s way thicker than the other branches. We really tried, but I ended up hurting my arm. My father in law was saying we should have just cut it down with the chainsaw, but I don’t want to risk huge financial damages to the house if that tree falls into the house.



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