The thermostat was loose

I’ve had the most frustrating issue with our smart temperature control lately. It kept falling off the wall! Everytime I would walk past it, this advanced thermostat unit was always sitting on the floor, instead of mounted, as it should have been, to the wall in the hallway. I finally figured out the issue of why the smart temperature control was loose on the mounting. I didn’t screw it in carefully enough! I’m referring to the metal holders that it hooks on and mounts to. So, I got some screwdrivers and got those holders screwed right into the location, as they should have been when I first installed the smart temperature control. I’m sure this means I actually should have called the local heating and cooling servicing company, and had one of their specialists install the smart temperature control associated with the central heating and air conditioning! However, I did save some money by doing it myself – I just didn’t get it completely right. Now I certainly know why the smart temperature control was not mounted onto the wall in the hallway correctly. It’s secure; it’s no longer on the ground every time I walk past it in the hallway. My smart temperature control otherwise had been working well. It has saved us a lot of money on energy use and made our lives a lot less complicated when it comes to running our heating and air.

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