Because i had to

I am not one who enjoys getting up at the crack of dawn.

I have typically been a late night woman who sleeps until mid day and on the sparse opportunity early day if I go to sleep before sunrise.

I even work a 2nd shift task. However the other month I was getting a brand current and current central heating and A/C proposal component for our home. And the only time that the local heating and A/C business could install the current Heating plus A/C component was at the crack of dawn, which I did not prefer one bit, however that is the golden rule of most heating and cooling companies when it comes to installing current heat and air conditioning system units. It has to do with the time that it takes to do the upgrade and remove the outdated central heating and A/C proposal is unpredictable. And by doing all of this at the crack of dawn it allows time for it to be done within a full work day without overtime needed or them having to come back and finish the following day, which would leave the customer with no heating or cooling for a night. And depending on the time of year, that would not be a superb thing. So I completely understand why it has to be done this way all of the time. I just didn’t prefer having to go on little sleep in order to accomplish the upgrade of the brand current central heating and A/C proposal unit. However, at least it was busy on a day that I could take off from work with full pay.

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