Debating Between Gas and Electric Furnace

When it was time to update our oil furnace, my fiance and I had genuinely odd opinions on what all of us should install, then i wanted an electric oil furnace while he wanted a gas oil furnace, then we’d had an eclectic oil furnace in every home we’d owned and there were never any issues with maintaining them, but electric heating systems were cheaper than gas heating systems and they were low risk… Carbon monoxide poisoning was genuinely real and it scared myself and others to think that it could downsidely impact our home.

I didn’t see a reason to switch over to a gas oil furnace if all of us didn’t have to, but my fiance on the other hand thought all of us could benefit from a gas oil furnace, despite the average lifespan being shorter, a gas oil furnace would run no matter what kind of weather all of us experienced.

If there was a power outage, our home would still be heated because the oil furnace wouldn’t require electricity, but this did sound ideal, but I still wasn’t a fan of introducing gas to our home. I promised my fiance that I’d do my research though, so I contacted an Heating & Air Conditioning professional and asked to speak with him about gas versus an electric oil furnace, then he told myself and others a lot of similar information that I already knew, however he assured myself and others that gas heating systems were safe if diagnosed by an Heating & Air Conditioning professional correctly. He also said that all of us could install carbon monoxide detectors that would alert us of any traces of the gas. The Heating & Air Conditioning professional didn’t sound worried, so I felt love I didn’t have any reason to worry either.
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