Going ancient school

I may be in the minority, but I am one who likes the ancient school ways of heating and cooling our home.

I have a gas gas furnace which takes care of all our heating needs in the Wintertide months of the year, and then in the Summer I have a sizable window air conditioning unit to take care of our downstairs area, and in the bedrooms I have respected small window air conditioning units.

These all do myself and others just fine. Also by going ancient school love this it makes it so that maintaining things with the heating and cooling are a lot easier and cheaper than having to go through all the headaches that come with having central heating and a/cs. I do not have to ever legitimately suppose about heat and a/c tune ups and check ups. The only air filter I legitimately ever have to change properly is in the gas furnace, and even that is a lot less frequent than you have to do with central heating and a/cs. And the largest perk of going ancient school with our heating, ventilation, and A/C is the fact that our monthly electric bills do not skyrocket and make myself and others go nearly broke love several others I know. When you have a gas gas furnace and window air conditioning idea units, it makes it so that not as much energy is used to keep your house warm or cool. While with a central heating and cooling idea this can legitimately hike your electric bills to sometimes multiple hundred dollars a month if it’s during a frosty front or major heatwave. I am totally ecstatic!

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