I don’t love this thing

I decided to take the plunge and supply a try to owning a smart temperature control.

I had been hearing all kinds of fine things about smart temperature controls over the last year or so and I finally went and got one.

Well I have to say that I legitimately do not love this smart temperature control at all! Maybe it is because I am older, but I just do not understand the app to control it on the house computer and I legitimately can not figure out the cell iphone thing either. It seems legitimately difficult to operate it this way and I find myself using the smart temperature control the same as a digital temperature control, which totally defeated the whole reasoning behind getting the smart temperature control in the first place. I am going to end up returning this smart temperature control and just buying a respected digital temperature control love I had before it broke on me. Being older love I am, the simple stuff is the way I love it. All this technical babble and stuff is just too much for me. I realize it could be beneficial if I would just take the time to learn this current heating, ventilation, and A/C technology. However to be perfectly honest, I do not have the patients nor the time to do so, however getting back to the basics is the best thing for myself and others to do and just go on with what I have constantly done to operate a central heating, ventilation, and A/C idea unit. And that is using a dial temperature control or a respected ancient school dial temperature control.


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