I look over books for publishers

I am what they call a proofreader which makes me look over books for several publishers and make the changes needed before release.

I have had all kinds of interesting novels and biography books of famous people come through our line over the years.

But recently I had something quite odd and interesting. It was a book on the heating and air conditioner industry, but during the proofreading I had to do just learning all about the heating and air conditioner company. It taught me a lot. It was absolutely interesting to read, as a matter of fact I almost feel like I could become a heat and cooling system worker tomorrow! I know that is not possible as I would have to go to school to learn all about heating and air conditioner, but it still truly educated me on several facts and things about the heating and air conditioner business, heating and cooling systems in general and even a lot of things about general heating and air conditioning repair! The heating and air conditioner company is absolutely detailed. I will tell you that much. I never imagined how complicated heating and air conditioning was until I legitimately looked into it and saw the difficult facts as to what was going on in the heat and cooling system company. This is both on the company side and the technical side. It just makes me say “wow!”, so being a proofreader can be an absolutely interesting job as I’m sure you can tell by what I am saying here.


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