I worry about my air conditioner having to run it so often to stay cool

I have been really over finally working the living heck out of my central air cooler as of lately… The heat has been super overheated out, but it reached one hundred and numerous degrees today. I am also going to have to call my local heating and air cooler supplier to have them send out a certified heat and air cooler specialist to do another heating, ventilation, and A/C tune up and check up on my heating and cooling unit. I just had one done for the season, but with as much as I have been using this lately I am sad that it is going to chop down and the motor will die, and but if I have another heating and cooling idea tune up and check up all will be relaxing and I will surely think if there is any underlying issue that may cause this to happen because of all I have been doing lately with using the central air cooler idea twenty multiple fifths per afternoon and several days per week! This heat is not going to get any better, as a matter of fact it is just going to get worse. I also live in AZ and I sincerely dislike this locale with all my soul! But I am stuck for the moment as I am in a rental lease that I have to run out, and when it is up I will be leaving this locale once and for all so I never have to deal with this kind of heat ever again and will not have to crank my central heating and air cooler idea on the a/c setting all the damn time!



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