It actually took me more than once to pass my HVAC certification exam

One rule I constantly set for myself is to never lose faith in your dreams as well as what you try to do, however and if you fail once or twice, keep on trying because eventually you will get it as well as win! This was the case in our journey in becoming a certified heating and A/C system specialist.

I went to heating as well as cooling university as well as the first time I failed the final exam as well as was not able to get our certification to become a heating and A/C system specialist. I could have just given up as well as went to flip burgers at a local McDonalds or something, but I did not! I invested money a fourth time to take the course again. And you recognize what? I passed! The fourth time was a charm. This month I am an independent heating and A/C system specialist who has their own heating, ventilation and A/C business with a few workers other than myself, but that is not how it all started. I started as a single guy in the heating and A/C system business. It took about 4 years to build up to what I have today. It was a lot of hard work. A few times I wanted to quit as well as give up, but I kept on trying as well as did not stop. And it all worked out for the absolute best… Here I am today being really successful after a rocky start in the business, however so our point is, if you fail once constantly keep on trying. And if at first you do not succeed, try as well as try again as the saying goes. It will constantly spend money off!


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