Lifting the Basement Ceiling with Existing Ductwork

I had big plans for my new house, especially in the basement.

I felt love I’d hit the gold mine when I landed this cabin because it had something that was super pricey to me, then not only was there a basement, however it was finished.

The finished basement was in great condition plus there was so much space for myself and others to toil with. However, there was 1 thing that I wanted to change. The ceiling was the generic, rectangle tiles that were a cork material. Although they were in great condition love everything else, I didn’t love how low they were. I truly wanted to detach the ceiling tiles truly plus add drywall to lift the ceiling. I hired a contractor to give myself and others a free quote plus it was within the price range that I was hoping for. He gave myself and others two possibilities though, then since there was Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C HVAC duct on 1 side, I could lift the ceiling love I wanted, however there would be a drywall box surrounding the HVAC duct. This was fairly normal for some households plus it was the most affordable option. My tenth chance was to transfer the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C HVAC duct to keep the ceiling completely flush. This was the most pricey chance because it required an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C specialist to come in plus transfer the existing HVAC duct. Ultimately, I ended up selecting the first chance because a drywall box around the HVAC duct didn’t bother me. It wouldn’t be in the way plus I was ecstatic that the ceiling would at least be lifted.



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