Lifting the Basement Ceiling with Existing Ductwork

I had big plans for my new house, especially in the basement.

I felt like I’d hit the gold mine when I landed this house because it had something that was super luxurious to me.

Not only was there a basement, but it was finished. The finished basement was in great condition and there was so much space for me to work with. However, there was one thing that I wanted to change. The ceiling was the generic, rectangle tiles that were a cork material. Although they were in good condition like everything else, I didn’t like how low they were. I really wanted to remove the ceiling tiles entirely and add drywall to lift the ceiling. I hired a contractor to give me a free estimate and it was within the price range that I was hoping for. He gave me two options though. Since there was HVAC ductwork on one side, I could lift the ceiling like I wanted, but there would be a drywall box surrounding the ductwork. This was fairly normal for some households and it was the most affordable option. My second option was to move the HVAC ductwork to keep the ceiling completely flush. This was the most expensive option because it required an HVAC technician to come in and move the existing ductwork. Ultimately, I ended up selecting the first option because a drywall box around the ductwork didn’t bother me. It wouldn’t be in the way and I was happy that the ceiling would at least be lifted.

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