Making the Bathroom Warm

When our Dad moved in with us, it was because she couldn’t manage her own lake house anymore as well as she didn’t want to join a community.

My spouse as well as I anticipated this would happen one day, which is why we purchased the lake house we were in. There was a large, unfinished basement with a walk out door. Of course, we never did anything with the basement when we moved in as well as we let it sit unfinished for several years. When our Dad started hinting at moving in, we began the renovation process. All of us added a main residing area, small kitchen, as well as an accessible bathroom as well as walkway. The residing area, kitchen, as well as walkway were self-explanatory, but the bathroom proved to be more challenging. All of us needed the space to be immense with a shower that didn’t have any walkway hindrances. My Dad was also always cold, so we wanted to make her up-to-date bathroom guess extra hot as well as cozy. All of us did several things to add extra heat! First, we added radiant heated flooring throughout the bathroom. With a flick of a switch, the floors would heat up as well as create extra warmth in the space, but especially under the feet. All of us also added a heated toilet seat. It sounded extra extravagant when we were picking it out, but basements were naturally cold as well as we didn’t want our Dad to guess uncomfortable in the slightest. A heated toilet seat was an added luxury that would keep our Dad feeling hot as well as comfortable, even while in the bathroom.

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