Money says everything

I am not one who will ever work overtime at a task; Unless of course there is a fine cash incentive to do so other than the correct overtime legal spend money laws.

This past weekend I ended up working all weekend at our task because I was gave triple pay! For that kind of money, I will work 24/7 until I drop! Oh and I forgot to mention, I am a certified heating, ventilation, and A/C specialist who works for the local heating and cooling corporation.

They had a legitimately immense overflow of work and usually they are not even open on the weekends other than for emergency HVAC house services, however this weekend was different. There were a lot of heating, ventilation, and A/C idea replacements that came out of nowhere that needed to be done on a weekend and they needed the extra help. No one was willing to work the overtime initially, so this was when they got desperate and gave a triple spend money scale to work the weekend. That got myself and others and almost every single other heating and cooling worker at the local heating, ventilation, and A/C supplier on board and there to work the overtime. I must say it was legitimately tiring working both Thursday and Monday having no weekend, and however, it was well worth the headache because by getting triple spend money it was love working a whole additional week on the paycheck! That money came in handy in saving towards the family vacation this coming summer.

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