The Air Vent is In The Wrong Place

I’ve always said that if I could build a house, I would be extra meticulous about the details.

In every house I’ve ever lived in, it seems like someone didn’t think about the details that went into it.

For example, in my kitchen there are only two outlets along the counter. It’s a detail I overlooked when I purchased the house and it’s been a big problem ever since. Another issue I have is the air vent placement. There is one air vent in the living room and it’s in the one good spot to put a piece of furniture. When moving in, I had to make a tough decision about the layout of the main living space. Did I want to put my couch in a really obstructive position that was off center from the TV? Or did I want to cover the one and only air vent that would keep my living room at a comfortable temperature? At first, I tried to live with the odd furniture positions, but it was really bothering me and becoming inconvenient. This is when I started searching for a solution. After some extensive research, I discovered a plastic air vent cover that moved the air to a different part of the room. It was exactly what I was looking for because it would move the HVAC treated air out from under the couch if it was being covered. Whenever the air would pump through the air vents, instead of going up and being wasted under the couch, the air vent cover would move the air out from under the couch. It was exactly what I needed! Although it’s a good solution, I’m still determined to build my own house without these inconveniences.

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