The evolution of HVAC

You know when I really think about it, I can say that heating and air conditioning technology has super evolved over the last few decades.

Things that were never imagined to be possible in heating and cooling technology are now a reality.

Things that we could have only seen in fantasy through sci fi movies and TV shows in heating and air conditioning technology are now possible. Things like smart thermostats for instance. Who ever imagined that a thermostat would be able to be controlled from anywhere in the world! This is thanks to the HVAC technology that made the app for cell phone and personal computer that controls the smart thermostat. Then we have things like radiant heated floors where you whole home can be heated via your floors and hot water pipes! This technology was never even imagined way back in the day. And then last but not least we have zoned heating and air conditioning systems, also known as HVAC zone control. HVAC zone control though very expensive makes it so that you can have different temperatures in every single room in your home. It is nearly like having several heating and air conditioning units all wrapped up into one! These examples are just some small tastes of where heating and air conditioning technology has taken us in the last 20 years or so. And how advanced it keeps on getting. If we have this stuff now, I can only imagine what tomorrow and the future will bring in the world of heating and air conditioning technology. But I will be on the lookout and always watching!

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