They’re better over there

A friend of mine just returned from a trip to the UK.

She was saying how strange and better things are over there compared to here.

One of the things she mentioned was that their central heating and A/C systems are even much better. She said to compare to here, their residential heating and A/C units are just as powerful as the commercial heating and cooling systems here in buildings and businesses. I really could not believe this because if this were the case and that were possible, I would have thought that they would incorporate that into the Heating plus A/C technology and buildings of central heating and A/C systems over here. But our friend insisted this was the way it felt to him, then fair deal, I can believe that maybe they were more powerful than what all of us have here in resident heating and cooling, however to compare to the same exact power as a commercial heating and A/C proposal I guess was a bit over the top. But again, I have no proposal and I can not totally rule it out because I did not recognize it for myself and I was not there. So maybe our friend does have a point and maybe it is true. But I do not see myself taking any out of the country trips to the UK anytime in the near or distant future, and maybe ever. So I will never recognize for one hundred percent sure. But I will I recognize take our friend’s word for it. She has never been known as one to lie or over exaggerate things. So maybe it is really true!


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