I need to make an air conditioning manual

Every one of us headed to a customer’s beachside home one day to do some air conditioning repairs.

I had a team of four skilled cooling specialists with me… 1 of them was a novice in training, while the rest had experience entirely working on cooling equipment. The client had called the air conditioning supply company complaining that his heat pump had been acting up for a week. He explained that he had been observing decreased indoor air quality and comfort. The air conditioning unit was also making weird sounds. When we got there and assessed the system, we found that one major area was smashed. The unit was quite old and would have soon been replaced. As the senior air conditioning expert, I advised the client to consider replacing the entire system. The client was fortunate to purchase the current unit on sale from the maker of the cooling product. One of the junior a/c reps in our team came to myself and others with a major problem that he was not comfortable assisting with the air conditioning replacement since he was so conversant with the current cooling technology. I asked him to watch keenly while the rest of us executed the repairs. Every one of us then advised the client on the importance and frequency of scheduling an air conditioning tune-up. That incident with our new tech got myself and others thinking of creating a current replacement manual incorporating the current technology. The trainees would use the manual to learn more about air conditioning. The manual will include the replacement process of the official parts of a cooling system, including air conditioning filters. HVAC Technology is constantly evolving and increasing, and we must keep pace with it.

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