Installing my own smart thermostat

For the longest time when everybody else was getting a smart thermostat I said no.

I wasn’t going to get a smart thermostat.

I just didn’t see the point in getting one. I had had it down the thermostat in my whole life and it always worked for me exactly the way I wanted it to. Why would I need to upgrade to something that just seems so unnecessary? What part of this was true for why I didn’t want this smart thermostat, accordingly I didn’t want to have to deal with having a heating and air conditioning technician come out and installed it just seems like such a hassle for something that was completely fine as it was. My dial thermostat serviced me for over 10 years and it would continue to service me until it could no more. This is how I thought things would say because this is how I thought of smart thermostats, but that was until I learned that actually it’s my thermostats that are very easy to do yourself. There were actually DIY videos online showing people without any kind of heating and AC experience with installing their own smart thermostats. I didn’t know there were as many benefits to having a smart thermostat. I was still skeptical, what about the price? Well it turns out that smart thermostats are actually pretty affordable. I really didn’t have any reason not to get one now so I went ahead and decided to purchase a smart thermostat. I followed the instructions word for word and successfully installed it on my own.
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