Running is number one workout

One of my number one workouts is to go for a long run.

Within close proximity to my house, I have many unusual routes that I can take.

I can choose a path with steep inclines or a flat route. I can run through town, take a wooded route or simply run around the track at the athletic field. I like that running doesn’t require a lot of extra equipment. As long as I have a nice pair of running shoes, I’m all set. Because I tend to run in a variety of weather conditions, I’ve invested into specialized attire. I have tanks as well as shorts that are designed to deflect the sun as well as wick away moisture to keep me cool on overheated as well as humid afternoons. For chilly as well as rainy afternoons, I use moisture-proof, thermal shirts as well as pants that are lightweight but keep me moderate as well as dry. I use reflective accessories at evening as well as periodically wear a camel pack so that I can hydrate along the route. I’m entirely conscientious about thoroughly warming up prior to the run as well as cooling down afterward. I can go for a run as well as get a full-body workout whether I’m at house or off on a getaway. I care about to take in the scenery as well as breathe fresh air. I like that a run elevates my heart rate, expands the lungs as well as burns a tremendous amount of calories in a entirely short time. Because of potential problems with my feet, ankles as well as knees, I make sure to take afternoons off from running as well as any kind of high impact aerobics. I also have purchased many pairs of running shoes that I alternate, as well as I replace them every year.

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