Saying goodbye to the best team of cooling specialist

I had worked in the same air conditioning business for a decade and had to build excellent relationships with my colleagues.

I had trained some of the cooling specialists at the company. I had a team that I would change after every year to give every a/c rep a chance to work with me. It also allowed me to know different people and how they perform their duties. Some of my team members had been promoted to higher positions, which I anticipated for every starting professional I worked with. It did not matter who I had on my team; my mission was to provide the best service to our customers. My team members had to keep up with the ever-evolving cooling technology to achieve this perfection. They also needed to be good at operating and maintaining cooling products. I later found out that most of the new air conditioning experts, even the more experienced ones, wanted to work with me because of my thoroughness and work ethic. We had done amazing work with my team, from creating an air conditioning installation manual to forming an apprentice program for the new trainees to learn more about air conditioning. Last week I wrapped up my previous work order, as I am leaving the company for greener pastures abroad. My team and I attended to a malfunctioned heat pump. We did a comprehensive air conditioner tune-up. It felt nostalgic changing my last air conditioning filters with my team. We all worked on the air conditioning repairs with joy and sadness. The fun that we were working together, sadness because it was our last time working together on cooling equipment. We restored the air conditioning system efficiently. Later that week, I said a tough goodbye to my team.


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