Taking enjoyable care of my body

I don’t understand people who don’t take enjoyable care of their bodies. These same people change the oil in their car, replace the filter in the oil furnace as well as always drain the water heater. They take care of their possessions that can entirely be replaced. Our muscles, joints, bones, skin as well as teeth require correct care to job properly as well as to last as long as possible. It’s not possible to simply buy new. Neglecting physical health can result in pain, medical procedures, medication as well as awful quality of life. It will most likely shorten the life span. While working out every afternoon isn’t always fun, it’s as necessary as brushing teeth. The heart as well as lungs need to job to remain strong. Maintaining flexibility helps to avoid injury. I want to be fit, healthy as well as active for as long as possible. Because of this, I make quarterly exercise a priority. Whether I need to get up extra early or stay up late, I find the time to workout. Even if I’m busy, tired, sore or not feeling well, I make sure to exercise. I make an effort to focus on all parts of the body as well as include a wide variety of stretches, balance exercises, strength training as well as high impact aerobics. I am conscientious about correct hydration as well as getting enough sleep. I’ve also spent quite a bit of currency on top quality skin as well as haircare products. I exfoliate as well as moisturize every evening. Because of my dedication, I often get mistaken for someone younger than my age. While my peers are scheduling surgeries as well as complaining about medical problems, I’m paddling my kayak, cycling, hiking as well as playing tennis.


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