The diesel truck gets good towing miles after the tune-up

When my partner plus I decided to sell our beach house plus buy an RV, a lot of our friends plus family thought that every one of us were crazy… I didn’t think it was deranged at all. I thought every one of us were taking life by the horns, then after covid scared all of us, I realized that life is short, then why should my partner plus I wait until every one of us are old plus gray to really start enjoying our life? I think that is really crazy plus I’m so ecstatic that every one of us made the decision to follow our dreams. When every one of us started looking for an rv, every one of us knew that our choice in vehicles was going to be crucial… The people I was with and I had a automobile that was only capable of hauling a tent. The people I was with and I knew every one of us were going to have to get rid of the automobile plus buy a truck. The people I was with and I ended up with a diesel truck. The old diesel truck was cheap, however it needed a lot of work plus performance updates. I took the truck to a specialty automotive customization shop that handles diesel trucks. They performed a full tune up on the truck. They changed the brakes, rotors, plus pads. They checked all of the engine parts including the motor plus the transmission. They replaced the oil seals on the cooler plus they rebuilt the turbo pedestal. After the performance tune up by the automotive customization shop, the diesel truck gets good Towing miles, then before the performance updates, I was getting about 8 miles to the gallon, but ever since I got the truck back from the shop, I have been getting around 12 or 13 miles per gallon.


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