The incredible people I have met in my career as an air conditioning expert

I have been an air conditioning expert for three decades and enjoy every year.

Though I am an introvert, this job has exposed me to many people I would otherwise never meet.

I have been offering my services on different cooling equipment in various places. I once went to the white house to fix a heat pump away from the residential quarters on the other wing. That was a very insightful experience. After we were done with the comprehensive air conditioning tune-up, we met the president, who had we were in his house and wanted to say hi. He told us that he, at one point, had been a cooling specialist with the same air conditioning business. We talked for a while, and then he headed to a meeting. This was an experience of a lifetime. In another instance, while on an air conditioning repair job, I met the CEO of the most influential bank in the country. The air conditioning system at one of his banks had malfunctioned, which is why the bank called us. The CEO had visited the bank for the annual general meeting. He was impressed by how fast and efficient our service was and later left us a good review on our site. The only thing we did was to change the air conditioning filters to revive the unit and restore the indoor comfort. It is always a pleasure to inform my customers more about air conditioning to make interacting with these cooling products easier. Last month, I had the pleasure of doing an air conditioning installation for my favorite actor of all time. I took him through the importance of air conditioning tune-ups and answered queries on cooling technology.
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