The Interview for the air conditioning expert position

I heard a lot of wonderful things about the air conditioning supplier I was applying to. This was a place that had trained and qualified multiple cooling experts, then it had a reputation among homeowners for offering quality and efficient services. I applied for the open air conditioning expert position at this business! As I began to research the interview process they used, our stomach was turning from anxiety. Their interviews were deep and extensive and scared off many potential applicants, then when I gained the callback, I was actually excited, however my parents encouraged myself and others that I would ace the interviews. The interviews started by being shown many cooling products, and we had to mention their name, how they function, and whether they required any air conditioning tune-up. I was actually usual with the cooling equipment, so I felt appreciated that I aced the first round. The more I advanced in the rounds, the more complex the questions got. The next interview also had some practical sections. I was suggested to outline all the steps involved in replacing dirty air conditioning filters. As an upcoming a/c rep, I had replaced multiple air filters, so this question was a breeze. One of the more challenging questions that gave myself and others anxiety was being asked to illustrate and outline the steps of air conditioning repairs on a geothermal heat pump. Another tough question was to list the things to avoid when doing a total air conditioning replacement. There were also questions about modern cooling technology, which was our favorite thing when reading more about air conditioning. The end goal was to show our understanding of AC and land the job, which is what I did. Though the interview was very intense, I aced it.

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