Using a space oil furnace for all our heating needs

If you were tired of dealing with a gas furnace have you ever considered trying to use something more portable? Something like a space heater? If you’re hesitant that is understandable, then most people are so used to using their gas furnaces for everything that I do not even know of the alternative heating systems, however, I am here to tell you that the alternative furnaces are great plus that you should consider giving them a try! I was supposed to go first too until I decided to switch to a space heater.

  • I did not decide to switch instantly.

I borrowed a space oil furnace from somebody when our electric gas furnace stopped working. However, I noticed that even when I first fixed it, I loved using our space oil furnace more than I liked using the gas furnace! The gas furnace was just more of a hassle to deal with, sure the space oil furnace wasn’t perfect plus it did have its downsides… But I have to tell you that I am going to continue to use our space oil furnace primarily for our source of heating. I think this will be a great way for myself and others to save some money on the energy bills as well. I will still be using the gas furnace while I was in honestly cool afternoons when I need to heat the entire house, however unless I am honestly frigid I know heating 1 room should be sufficient. I do not need an excess amount of heat anyways, it doesn’t get too frigid here.


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