We didn't need a zone controlled HVAC

I know a lot of people that live with multiple family members have his own control HVAC system in order to make everybody comfortable.

This is because oftentimes these people have very different temperature preferences and in order to ensure that everybody has their temperatures that they want, they get a zone control heating and cooling system from their local HVAC corporation and have it installed in their home.

Luckily, in my household we didn’t need a zone control HVAC system. As funny as it might be, or weird depending on how you look at it, we all had very similar temperature preferences. My wife, my children, and I all have to hurt your purposes within two to three degrees of each other. I prefer the room temperature of the house to be 76, my wife to prefer 73, and my kids are right in the middle with referring temperatures of 74 to 75. The best part is, we’re all really flexible. So we can really set the thermostat to anything between one as long as it’s somewhere in the 70s and no one minds. It’s all these other people and families we hear about that are fussing and arguing over the different temperatures are something that we cannot relate to. We just get to enjoy our perfect temperatures.


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