A job that took all day

This week at the heating and air conditioning spot where I work I had a job of having to install a heat pump in someone’s home.

  • I had never before installed a heat pump and let me tell you that I was not ready for it to be an all-day-long job! Because this was my first time installing a heat pump in someone’s house I was assigned an asst heating and air conditioning specialist to go with me in the event I got confused or stuck.

I legit did pretty well I think. It was just the job was longer than I had planned on. I know that is why the replacement of a heat pump is much more overly priced than that of a central heating and cooling system. Because it is a heck of a lot longer than the usual job. I am only in my first year of being a heating and air conditioning specialist so I am still learning all of the ropes so to speak. I have not experienced every single kind of heating and air conditioning replacement as of yet. The heat pump is just the beginning. I have yet to tackle any commercial heating and cooling system, a rooftop heating and air conditioning plan and radiant radiant heated floors, none of these I have done yet. But at least now I have a heat pump replacement in someone’s house under my belt. I think it’s good that it all worked out and that I did everything just right and had success in the end. It was just an actually tiring day I have to say.



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