Bearing through the winter with an inefficient furnace

I guess it may be time soon to get a new gas furnace in our flat.

I have an old oil furnace and the pilot light does not want to stay lit.

I called the local business, which deals with all kinds of HVAC systems, and they said that it may need cleaning or it may be too old to repair and need replacing. I don’t easily have the money right now to buy anything because I purchased 900 Solana coins and it is down over 50%, so I would be spending double the amount if I took some out now to buy a new furnace. I guess I will just grin and bear it for another winter time and just wear more clothing in the house, or I could even buy a small portable area oil furnace and bin it around the flat when I need to heat up a different room. I like to have the bathroom hot when I take a shower so I could put the area furnace in there for 30 minutes and then move it to our office where I work the rest of the afternoon. I think the local supplier has a sale on furnaces next week so it may be a sign that I should do that instead of touching our investments when they are so low in value. I think they will go up again over the next couple of weeks although I will have to wait and see. I appreciate the selection of quality heating and air products at the HVAC store near me.

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