Before you book a hotel room, do you read the reviews?

Every control unit should be able to heat and cool.

Reading reviews is my favorite part of researching hotel rooms, because they tell me if they’re worth staying at. Clients will complain about a hotel not offering free dinners, while others will complain about something in their room, maybe the shower, or maybe the size of the room. Since those reviews won’t change my mind about staying at a hotel, I ignore them. During my research on a hotel, I found a 2-star review, which was low considering most other clients gave it a 4. After reading this review, I understood why the customer didn’t like the hotel. They also stayed at the Wintertide, which didn’t have heat. The control unit wasn’t connected to the air conditioning! They were eventually moved to another room, but it was the same. Aside from the heat not working, this family had young kids, so heating was crucial to staying warm. The hotel’s management responded back and accepted responsibility for letting the room condition slip through the cracks. Management said they’d use the review for service tech training. Every control unit should be able to heat and cool. Even with the low rating and obvious concerns, this is a big deal. I booked this hotel because heating and cooling complications are sometimes unavoidable. I wouldn’t let something like that stop me from staying at a hotel.

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