Fireplace For Primary Bedroom

When I was talking to my mom one night, she told me that she’d always dreamed of having a primary bedroom with a fireplace.

A fireplace in a bedroom was considered a luxury when she was growing up and it was difficult to find homes with fireplaces in the primary bedroom. My parents had no plans of moving anytime soon and they didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a fireplace installation. This was understandable because a fireplace installation would be a major renovation. I thought this was a really sweet dream of my mom to have and I also knew how attainable it could be. I couldn’t afford to give her a wood burning fireplace, but I could get her an electric one. The local hardware store carried various electric furnaces and they seemed manageable. I didn’t know how to install one though and I didn’t want my parents to worry about it, so I hired someone to deliver the fireplace and install it for me. My mom was very surprised when the delivery truck arrived and started carrying an electric fireplace inside. I told her that I’d purchased her one so she could live out her dream of having an electric fireplace inside her primary bedroom. She was thrilled and I was glad to see her so happy. The professionals did a great job at hooking everything up and mourning it to the wall. After sealing the edges, the fireplace looked like it had been a part of the house for years. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

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