Have heard about this ductless HVAC

I have been seeing a lot of news about ductless heating and cooling systems, even though I am not at all sure if they imply taking a ductless mini cut air conditioning plan and then having it converted to a heating and cooling system. Otherwise, is the ductless heating and cooling systems something else entirely? I tried hunting online for more information about heating and cooling systems, and it gives me mixed answers on this whole ductless heat and air conditioning thing. Occasionally it is says that having a ductless mini cut air conditioning plan converted is best, and other times it is pointing to there legitimately being a stand alone ductless heating and cooling system. I am legit confused on the matter to say the least. I really do not know where to look to find the right info. I am legit interested in possibly going ductless if there is something else other than the ductless mini cut air conditioning plans being converted to a full on ductless mini cut heating and air conditioning plan unit. The fact of it is, if I can not find the right answer or if it turns out that converting a ductless mini cut air conditioning plan is the smartest way to be ductless I will have to pass on the whole idea. Because to put it blunt, I am not rich, and that is the kind of price you are talking to get a ductless mini cut air conditioning plan and then on top of that have it personally converted by a heating and cooling professional from some heating and air conditioning biz!

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