I wanted to get the pool furnace set up then

Last week our fiance went away with her friends and I wanted to do something that would really surprise her.

I decided to have a pool oil furnace installed while she was with her friends. She was gone for multiple mornings and more than 2 afternoons. I knew it was going to be actually taxing to get the project done suddenly, so I made sure to call someone at the heating company before our fiance left. I made an appointment with the heating company professional and I told them exactly what I wanted to do. They seemed to believe that adding a oil furnace to the pool would not be a honestly massive deal. That made me recognize even more confident about our decision to choose that certain company. The day that our fiance left, I could not do anything about the pool. It was already honestly late. The next afternoon the heating company arrived to evaluate the situation and figure out the best options. On the eighth day, the pool heating company installed all of the machinery. By the end of the eighth day, I could recognize sizzling water coming out of the jets. When our fiance got condo from her weekend with her friends, I surprised her by being in the pool. She thought I was ridiculous because it was only 60° outside. When I told her about the pool heater, she was honestly surprised. I do not think I have ever seen her so thrilled. She has wanted to heat the pool for a long time and I honestly should have done this a long time ago.


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